全新BMW 3系开启运动豪华驾享之旅

From June 26th to July 2nd, the new BMW 3 Series Sports Luxury Tour will set sail at the V1 International Circuit. The test drive was launched from the V1 car world. After the training of the restricted-level driving training camp on the track, the Jinkana limit corner was challenged, the best lap speed was calibrated, and then the highway went north along the highway and passed through the mountain. Arrive at the rugged Jinhai Lake. The new BMW 3 Series, led by the new BMW 325Li, is not afraid of the challenge, interpreting BMW's purely sporty spirit and enjoying the extraordinary driving life.


Driving the game, the sports king is not famous

A challenging international circuit. As the starting point of the new generation of BMW 3 Series national media test drive activities, it is the most pure way to announce the arrival of a new generation of sports kings.


In appearance, the three-dimensional intelligent kidney-reducing air intake grille and the new angel-eye extended LED headlights form a powerful front face, giving the vehicle a sturdy and powerful momentum; a new interpretation of Huo The angled, L-shaped LED suspension taillights and the all-standard bilateral free-form exhaust tailpipes do not hide their inherent extraordinary performance.

Under the new generation of BMW, and combining movement and comfort with a higher position, it is easy to solve the balance problem of hard driving and daily travel. Through the rapid drift, the more difficult 'new 3' styling, the Golden Cana limit curve, and the complete track lap speed challenge, the driving experience officers can clearly feel the more comfortable but tough handling of the new BMW 3 Series. Features, and extremely dynamic dynamic driving limits.


xxThe new chassis achieves a higher balance, and all components work in harmony, bringing strength, precision, agility and comfort to a higher level. The precise adjustment of BMW engineers from generation to generation, combined with innovative hydraulic shock absorber technology and electric speed-assisted steering system, makes the new BMW 3 Series easy to drive everyday, but it turns into intense driving, just like golf masters swinging muscles for a moment. After the completion of the test, the accuracy of a blow, the sound of the sound, and return to indifference. The deep adjustment skill, the balance of the new BMW 3 Series is fully utilized, and the redundant action is easily filtered, leaving just the right feedback.


The turbulent energy generated by each out-of-turn vehicle comes from the new B-Series turbocharged engine with many upgrades. The constant high-precision direct injection pressure in the cylinder is increased from 200bar to 350bar, coupled with the new thermal management system, new crankcase, in-cylinder arc wire sheathing technology and the newly designed belt drive structure, making the new car more energy efficient, and Have a more abundant torque output. The peak torque of the 325 model has increased by more than 10% to 300 Nm, and the overall fuel consumption per 100 km has dropped to 6.0 L.


To achieve drift, the innate front-rear drive form is equally important. At the same time, BMW's 50: 50 front and rear axle load distribution constitutes a solid dynamic foundation. Compared with the previous model, the center of gravity of 10 mm is combined with a wider front and rear track, giving the new car a higher cornering limit and allowing the new BMW 3 Series. It exhibits an extremely stable posture and precise performance in the corners. Through the aerial view of the UAV drone, the gorgeous "Dance" of the new BMW 3 Series will be staged on the big screen, showing the king's passion.




经过一天的试验,测试驾驶体验挑战极端角落,PK竞争Top3,最后校准了V1国际赛道的最佳圈速,并与新BMW 3系一起谱写了新时代的传奇。



北京的金海湖距离V1国际赛车场有两个小时的车程,是一个安静而秘密的地方。远离喧嚣的喧嚣,心脏的速度平静下来,全新BMW 3系的多面性特征正在悄然兴起。


全新BMW 3系采用经典的以驾驶员为中心的设计理念。重生的内饰展现了新车的非凡奢华。极简主义概念的三个“功能岛”巧妙地布局,所有功能都分为不同的类别;简洁而坚韧的仪表板采用Sensatec合成革包裹,精致的缝线充满了创造力;专为中国消费者设计的舒适座椅不仅加厚,在长轴距车型中,还配备了后排高级软枕,将驾乘舒适性提升到了极致; SyntaK的应用与热声舱技术的结合大大提高了新BMW 3系的安静性;同一级别中最大的0.83平方米全景玻璃天窗让您享受蓝天。


新车型数字化创新的另一面将为您带来未来的愉悦感。全新设计的12.3英寸可编程全LCD液晶数字仪表板和10.25英寸可触摸中央显示屏是同类产品中最大的显示区域组合,可以进一步扩展和升华驾驶乐趣。全新第七代BMW iDrive智能人机交互系统为五维智能人机交互系统带来手势控制,触控,语音识别,热键和iDrive控制旋钮,将车辆与驾驶员无缝连接数字生活。同一级别的独特“宝马智能个人助理”实现了人与车之间自然语音交互的新高度。当你说'我累了'时,系统会自动打开'唤醒模式',智能感应气氛会发生变化。降低空调的温度,播放动态节奏的音乐,使用户的身心得到愉悦的调整。


在新的BMW部件(例如高速公路和环路)下,当速度低于60 km/h时可以实现自动速度。当倒车道倒车时,世界上第一个倒车辅助功能可以实现50米的自动倒车。轻松解决反向问题。全新BMW 3系的智能豪华驾驶舱让这次金湖体验更加愉快。


从4月份全球首次发布到6月全国发布,全新BMW 3系的全面发展引起了消费者的关注。作为宝马华晨2019年最重要的车型,新一代宝马3系不仅是驾驶者的动力,也是新的性能和控制,以及前所未有的奢华和创新技术,已成为新车型的新模式。体育奢侈。与每一代BMW 3系一样,全新BMW 3系是ICON的新纪元,它将延续体育之王的传奇。